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Periorbital Rejuvenation

Reduce/get rid of under eye dark circles, eyelid wrinkles, eyelid skin excess and improve a generally tired look. - surgically or non surgically

What is Periorbital Rejuvenation?

The eye area is important in contact between individuals in day to day life. The area around the eyes conveys information on general health and impressions regarding individual health, fatigue, interest, and emotion. Attractive eyes are characterized by long eyelashes and absence of dark circles, lax skin and wrinkles. Dark circles are a common cosmetic concern and a host of other maladies can affect the skin here. The skin around the eyes can be treated with combinations of cream programs, peels, lasers, Botox and fillers and plastic surgery procedures as and when required.

What are the common eye problems?

  • Under eye dark circles and bags
  • Excess fatty deposits on the lids
  • Excess skin which makes the upper eyelid’s natural fold less visible
  • Fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids
  • Lax skin of the forehead and upper eyelid
  • Prominent frown lines, laugh lines

What causes dark circles?

Dark circles can run in families. With increasing age, the skin becomes thinner with loss of fat and collagen. This creates a hollow and the blood vessels become prominent and visible. Rubbing the eyes, allergies, eczema, anemia, stress, and sun exposure can add to the problem.

How are dark circles treated?

Various treatment modalities help in combination to reduce dark circles.

  • A cream program, including a sunscreen and moisturizers helps to prepare the skin for any procedure and prevents further progression.
  • Chemical peels exfoliate the skin gently, reducing the pigmentation.
  • Lasers help to reduce the deeper pigmentation and stimulate new collagen production in the skin. The Q switched ND YAG, and the fractional erbium and carbon dioxide laser are used for this.
  • Fillers and fat injection fills up the hollow below the eyes, thus masking the dark color and prominent blood vessels. Fillers last for 9 months to a year. Autologous fat, may last for many years and significantly improves skin texture

How are wrinkles around the eye treated?

Frown lines, smile lines which appear around the eyes while frowning and smiling are effectively treated by Botox, which needs to be repeated every 4-6 months for maintenance. The lines present at rest can be alleviated by laser procedures, fillers and surgery.

What are the yellow deposits on the eyelids and how can they be treated?

Yellow deposits which appear on the upper and lower eyelids are called Xanthalesma and are fatty deposits. They can occasionally be associated with altered blood cholesterol levels. They are effectively treated with chemical applications, radiosurgery or a surgical removal.

How do fillers help?

With age and sometimes with weight loss, there is a depression/groove which develops below the eyes. This gives a sunken look to the eyes. Fillers - temporary, permanent or fat, when injected in this area fill the groove restoring a youthful look.

How do surgical procedures help?

There are a variety of plastic surgical procedures which help rejuvenate the periocular skin

  • Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is of two kinds: upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery. While the former also known as “eyelift”, it lessens excess fat and skin present in the upper eyelids; the latter decreases excess puffiness and bulging of the lower eyelids. The scars would be well-hidden among the natural lines on the eyelid. The result is a refreshed appearance with a younger, firmer eye area.
  • An endoscopic browlift surgery minimizes creases across the forehead (glabellar folds) and those that occur high on the bridge of the nose.
  • Fat grafting utilizes one’s own fat to fill up the under eye hollows. Fat helps improve the skin texture and stays for a longer time.

What are the general precautions I can take?

Routine care of the skin helps to prevent further damage. A good sunscreen needs to be used every 3-4 daylight hours. Moisturizers help to improve the skin and reduce pigmentation. Rest appropriately and correct any visual defects. Retinol based creams may be advised for continual treatment.

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